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We helping under graduate students with their science projects. Our vision is to make students familiar with practical applications of theory they have read. We conduct weekly workshop on working of projects we sell.

project report

Projects reports are free to view or you can get a printed copy of project reports. Project reports are written very carefully and ready to be copied directly on your project files so you can save your time and focus on your studies.

donate books

Want to help someone in need. Donate your old books to us we will make sure it will go to some one who deserves them. Donating books is a great way to help some one in need.

Who we are What we do

We are a group of freelancers. We believe small efforts can make big changes. We are involved in Web design, Project design, Data entry, Digital solution.

Our services


We design mobile responsive websites for HOTELS, SCHOOLS, COLLAGES, CAMPING SITES, E COMMERCE WEBSITES. Our prices are affordable. 



We conduct workshops for schools. On projects like Logic gates, Rectifier, NPN switches,Digital electronics, Solar power, Hydro power etc.